We offer a wide range of MCHC nutraceutical products like calcium hydroxyapatite, ossein mineral complex, ossein hydroxyapatite, ossopan substance, hydroxyapatite, MCHC, MCHA, ossopan, calcium raw material. MCHA complex and calcium hydroxyapatite are nutritional substance, which have been clinically proven to restore, lost bone density and help relieve pain accompanying osteoporosis. Our nutraceutical products are comprehensive bone nourishment for people of all ages.

Known as a complete bone food, it contains all the 40+ mineral such as Calcium, Phosphorus etc.

Designed to ensure that the components retain the natural form and physiological proportions, our manufactured MCHC are following advantages:

Cure and prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis.

Reduce pregnancy snags & help in reminerlisation of bone during lactation & in the normal course of life.

Stimulate fracture healing.

Help in sterilization body temperature, physical growth and tissue repair.

​Our R&D Program

We know that R&D is the nervous-system of every firm indulged in nutraceutical products industry. Determined to deliver world-class products we have in-house R&D department pooled with best skilled personnel. Provided with world-class facilities, our lab have the capabilities to conduct various purity and toxicity tests as per the international biological and medical standards. It is through these tests that further help us determine any unique properties that might affect the performance of our products. We undertake constant development measures through in-house R&D to stand up with the growing requirements of our clients. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and we also keep updating ourselves through our in-house R&D activities.


We are also one of the few acclaimed names in this growth oriented industry, to have well defined infrastructure that facilitates and fortifies every activity and facet of our business. Consolidating our presence on the grounds of innovation, we are empowered with contemporary production unit. At our production unit we have installed all modern machines to enhance the productivity and these machines are constantly kept under the vigilance of experienced technicians.

Committed to give pure nutraceutical products, we process MCHC at ultra low temperature, which is essential to preserve the nutritional quality of the organic material. We also manufacture a microbial free material by scientifically approved manufacturing process designed to ensure that its ingredients retain their natural form. We also standardize the mesh size and particle size distribution to suit our clients’ requirement.

Our Quality Assurance

Adhering to the spirit of innovation, we are one the established names in this high growth industry, where quality is of prime importance. Being an ISO certified firm, we adopt stringent quality measures to manufacture world-class MCHC products at most affordable rates. At our premise, we keep a complete trace-ability of all materials that we procure and further ensure that only the best quality product reach to the client's hand. Our quality inspectors maintain a strict vigil at each and every stage of manufacturing process. In addition to this our quality inspectors further ensure that each product meets the requirements in accordance with applicable laws, in an ethical manner.


Packaging is another important aspect in our area of operation, where we ensure that our every product reach its destination without any damage. At Clarion Pharmaceutical Co., we are facilitated with contemporary packaging machines and ensure that packaging of products are done in environmental conditions. We make the best use of various packaging materials, like: plastic containers, plastic bags, corrugated boxes, take care that minimum damage is done while loading/unloading of the consignment. It is our packaging that allows for creating moisture barriers and also provide clear labels for easy identification of product.

Our Logistic Service

With a vision to establish our presence at every corner of India, we have wide distribution network. Empowered with world-class transport facility and having tie-ups with major C&F companies, we make sure that our each consignment reach their destination within a stipulated time frame. We have a well defined line of distribution management that enable us in quick processing of orders. We examine the incoming documents for accuracy and track shipment during transit process.


Through our constant innovation program & customer satisfaction approach, we have fulfilled the demand of our wide customer base. Following a consistent quality based program and offering best products at economical price, today we have earned large number of satisfied customers on international and national platform.

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